Tradescantia Varieties

I’m thrilled to share a list of tradescantia varieties (and other genus under commelinaceae family) in my collection.

Each plant name will link to another page with information I learned about each plant based on my experience. 

* This page and all other pages linked to it is a work in progress and link may not currently work at this time. 

This page is for informational use only. It does not reflect what I have in stock. It is will also be a constant work in progress as I add more information about each plant.

All photos in my website are taken by me and are plants in my collection unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any of my photos without permission. Copyright © Czarina Nocon, Chic Planting. All rights reserved.

Family: Commelinaceae

Genus: Belosynapsis

  • B. Ciliata ‘Hijau Baru’
  • B. Kawakamii

Genus: Callisia

Genus: Commelina

 Genus: Cyanotis

  • C. beddomei 
  • C. aracnoidea / Tradescantia pallida ‘Tampicana’

 Genus: Tradescantia

 Genus: Gibasis

  • G. sp. ‘Jose Puig’
  • G. geniculata ‘Purple Plush’
  • G. geniculata ‘Bridal Veil’

 Genus: Tinantia

  • T. pringlei
  • T. pringlei variegata (import)

 Genus: Tripogandra

  • T. serrulata ‘Purple Schmitars’

Family: Araceae

Genus: Philodendron

  • P. hederaceum ‘Heartleaf’
  • P. hederaceum variegata
  • P. rio
  • P. silver stripes
  • P. brasil
  • P. erubescens ‘Pink Princess’
  • P. micans
  • P. hastatum ‘Silver Sword’
  • P. Birkin
  • P. Florida Ghost
  • P. verrucosum + melanochrysum ‘Splendid’
  • P. camposportoanum


Genus: Syngonium

  • S. albovariegata
  • S. milk confetti
  • S. confetti
  • S. pink splash
  • S. pink spot
  • S. pink freckles
  • S. erythrophyllum ‘Llano-Carti Road’

✨ Wishlist

  • Callisia fragrans variegata ‘Infinity’
  • Cyanotis somaliensis variegata
  • Variegated cyanotis ‘Unicorn’ / Cyanotis sport
  • Dichorisandra Musaica
  • Dichorisanra Reginae
  • Geogenanthus poeppigii
  • Siderasis fuscata
  • T. albiflora variegata 'Unicorn'
    • Ivory
  • T. pallida  pallida purpurea 'Purple Passion' - leaves much shorter and heart-shaped than the classic sectrasea, of a perfect purple-pink color.
  • T. zanonia Variegata / Campelia zanonia variegaya
  • True P. caperata ‘Pink Lady’
  • P. marmorata (pink variegated)
  • P. pseudovariegata var. sarcophylla
  • P. sp. Colombia
  • P. sp. ‘Red Moon’


  • Strawberry ice


  • Ginny Galaxy

**newly acquired, not for sale or trade