Where is Chic Planting located?

I am located in Northern California but ships all over the US. I allow local pick up but I do not have a retail store. 

How long before I get my orders?

My current TAT is 7-10 business days. I pack and ship orders weekly Mon - Wed.

Will my plant look the exactly the same as what's listed?

Listings under weekly purges, tradescantia zebrina quadricolors and tradescantia sillamonta variegatas are 'wysiwyg'. The plant may have changed slightly within a week period of time (from the time you order to the time it is shipped out) but what's posted in these categories are the plants you are purchasing.

Other listings than what was mentioned above will show mature plants that I previously own from my collection or a previous stock that had been sold. It also may be styled, just like the photo above in this page (in a pretty planter). But in terms of colors, I try my best keep the colors as close as to real life as possible. There are no filters over any photos that alters the plant's actual colors. Please do remember that each viewing screen are different. There will be a slight change of color from different viewing screens but a color green will not be a color pink or vice versa on any screen.

What are the ways I can contact you?

The fastest way to get a hold of me is via facebook message - through my personal account, Czarina Nocon. Emails, Chic Planting fb page messages, Instagram pm’s are rarely checked.

Can I get refunded for the plant I purchased once you shipped and I receive them?

Due to the nature of my business, all purchases are final orders without refunds.