Chic Planting Loyalty Rewards Program

Reward your obsession by collecting Chic Planting 'seeds' for a bountiful harvest!

It's free to join Chic Planting Loyalty Rewards Program. If you already have an account, you can log in here. To create a new account, sign up here.

What is the Chic Planting Loyalty Rewards?

Chic Planting Loyalty Reward is three tiered rewards program that lets you earn ‘seeds’ on all your purchases. You can redeem those seeds for rewards. 

When you join my loyalty rewards program today, you automatically unlock a $5 code you can use at check out when you shop. You will get the code via email. If you happen to sign up and did not receive an email or code, please let me know so I can send one to you manualy. The code is applicable to any future order from the time you opened your account and is good for 30 days. 

What are the three tiers of Chic Planting Perk?

  1. Hobbyist - spent at least $1 per year
  2. Enthusiast - spent $350 -$999 per year
  3. Fanatic - spent $1000 and up per year